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"join the kroka party now so you can say you listened to them before they got big!"

jason taylor, the obsessed

believe it!

exploding onto the southern ontario music scene in late 2022, kroka have laid down the gauntlet with their explosive debut single "sasquatch" and a string of captivating live performances across the province. this is their official website. enjoy.


Kroka IS...


rich - guitar/vocals

beau - bass/vocals

marty - drums

Combining a love for all things heavy with a drive for simplicity and accessibility, KROKA have arrived on the scene with a refreshingly generous approach to playing music. with elements of modern hard rock bands like queens of the stone age and mastodon alongside influences from the worlds of pop soul, jazz and funk, there's an unpretentious freedom about kroka's sound.

"We're just three people being open and honest with each other and not letting ourselves and our egos get in the way of creating music that we all love" says vocalist/guitarist rich. it's an attitude which truly expresses itself in kroka's engaging, energetic and inclusive live shows. "We want our shows to be places where everyone feels welcome and nobody is excluded or made to feel like an outsider" explains bassist beau. "we're a loud band who like to get heavy, but we value vulnerability and we try and steer clear of the macho image that so many other bands like to portray".

Kroka's music is a rich melange of ideas and attitudes. drummer marty grew up in sweden, whilst vocalist & guitarist rich has lived in Europe, Africa and the Middle East, and each member brings their own unique perspective to the songwriting process, with every member having an equal say in how songs are created, from the drum beat to the lyrics. It's a dynamic that the band are keen to preserve, as marty explains: "This band truly feels like an expression of all three of us and we believe that we are connecting with our audience in a more genuine way as a result".

between captivating audiences with compelling live performances and crafting records which tap into universal themes and emotions, kroka are steadily making their mark on the canadian music scene and 2023 promises to be their breakout year.....believe it!


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98.5 FM CKWR


Kitchener-Waterloo's CKWR chose our single "Sasquatch" as their 'Top Track" and invited Rich for an interview...

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Kroka’s story began in 2021 in Kitchener when Swedish drummer...





Stoner rock would best suit these up-and-comers, but it doesn’t seem like anything is holding them back...

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