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rich - guitar / vocals
beau - bass /
marty - drums / vocals

“The door was open. Brightly-coloured esoteric key-rings swung from the ignition in the late night breeze. A faint monotone beeping followed me, carrying on the mist as I stumbled from the roadside down a leafy bank and into the forest. Soft whispers beckoned me deeper. As I felt my way further and further through the thick undergrowth I noticed how calm I was. It was then that I began to hear the music…”


Known for their passionate live performances, haunting harmonies and asphalt-tinged desert rock grooves, Kroka combine low-slung fuzzy stoner riffs with tight vocal harmonies and a pop songwriting sensibility to take audiences on a journey through mythology, dive bars, and ultimately, into themselves... 

Kroka formed in Kitchener, Ontario in 2021 when Swedish drummer Martin Thormatz and local bass player Beau Ferguson recruited globe-trotting Englishman Richard Fenna to take over vocal and guitar duties and immediately launched themselves onto the live scene with a sold-out debut show. In the Swedish language, kroka means to hook, and by balancing a love for the power of heavier music with a drive for simplicity and accessibility, Kroka are capturing the attention of audiences whenever they play.

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